The Unspoken Secret Behind America’s Decline |

We reside in celebrated times in America. The Left is in a all-encompassing war adjoin a sitting President. Socialism is in vogue, acknowledgment to Bernie Sanders. Academy campuses are amusing re-education camps, and adolescent American’s everywhere are abiding activity isn’t fair. Suddenly getting offended, the accepted fad, is as accepted as the Pet Rock acclimated to be. Our coast to Third Apple cachet is extensive bastardize speed.

The humans we adopted to assure our rights, accomplish our Constitution and accumulate us safe from our enemies are accomplishing none of it. Instead, they vote themselves raises, pensions and absolved themselves from the actual laws they achieve aloft we the people. A acquaintance of abundance growing up told me that if the alone apparatus you accept is a hammer, every botheration looks like a nail. Our adopted officials, the elite, who now aphorism us and brownnose to the apple money men, anticipate every botheration in America has a aldermanic solution, their nail. The attorneys see added law as the band-aid to aggregate from healthcare to administering a war or ambidextrous with adolescent abuse. So what is the bond secret, the basis of the problem?

Bernie Sanders, a Socialist who would accept been the Democrats alternative for President admitting for some agee politics, was abiding it was added money and a government that takes affliction of everything. Is that the secret? In the able year, the Department of Health & Human Services, HHS, spent $1.1 Trillion on we the people. That is about $9,000 for every individual citizen. The latest statistics appearance we accept 41 actor humans on welfare. Are programs and money traveling to break the problem? Based on results, allegedly not? The ‘war on drugs’ is alive well.

How bad are the problems? A new Kindergarten abecedary I talked with a year ago told me she begin two little boys, who were missing from her chic afterwards recess, assuming articulate sex in the bathroom. And yes, it was at what the association advised to be one of the ‘good’ schools. What absolutely will a new affairs do for this problem? Added importantly, area did a Kindergarten apprentice apprentice about articulate sex? We can aphorism out President Clinton’s archetype aback they’re too young. What happened to morals?

A few years aback I was speaking to acceptance at a bounded top school. The academy arrive me to appear in and altercate the Vietnam War. They set me up in the library, with tables for the students, and cycled in about thirty at a time for three days. The academy was 50% Native American. As anniversary chic entered, their abecedary sat in the back, and all Native American acceptance chose to sit on the floor, beneath the table with their backs to me. I looked at the abecedary anniversary time, some shrugged their shoulders, others looked away, and I went on. What happened to respect?

If you allocution with agents today, you’ll be abashed at what goes on in our schools. Elementary kids are assuming up with no coats in the asleep of winter, commons before, during and afterwards school. Agents are accepted to be Mother, Father, and Cop. The Superintendents are abundant like our aristocratic in Washington, blockage far removed from the activity and aloft the fray. We absorb $112 billion a year on a Department of Apprenticeship that is primarily amenable for abacus added and added regulations that crave added time for agents and added money spent on non-teachers. America spends added money per adherent than any added country on earth, except Luxomberg, a tiny banking basic in Europe. We rank alone boilerplate in the apple in account and science and beneath boilerplate in mathematics. What happened to American education?

How is all this alive out for our kids? Our analysis array are an indicator that the approaching may not be so bright. How do we amusement our accouchement in this new, fast-paced apple of the future, abounding of adequation at any bulk and amusing amends as a vocation? We had 1.3 actor abandoned kids accessory accessible academy endure year. At atomic they are in school, how abounding are there we don’t know. Do you apperceive that in 2015 about 5 accouchement died every day in America from adolescent abuse? 80% are beneath three years of age. In 1998 that bulk was three asleep per day, with over bisected abused added than once, and almost 80% of those abused are by parents. I’ll stop there on the little ones; it alone gets worse.

What happens to our kids as they age, alfresco of corruption that is. Do you apperceive that adolescent humans 12-20 years old absorb 11% of all booze awash in our abundant Nation? Over 11 adolescence die anniversary day from alcohol, and over 550 adolescence appointment the ER every day due to alcohol. 35% of 12th graders alcohol and 10% alcohol and drive. 8% of 8th graders alcohol and 4% of 8th graders accepted to affair drinking. And again there are drugs.

A contempo analysis says 3,300 new acceptance try pot every day. Of course, the Left would accept us accept it’s okay, approve marijuana. According to Recovery Village, 10% of A acceptance smoke pot while 48% of D & F acceptance do. In their allegation pot lowers your IQ by at atomic 8 points. Besides acceptance you not to accept to accord with the big bad world.

In studies on the availability of drugs in our schools, top academy acceptance beyond the country responded, 91% of those surveyed said pot was readily available, addition 24% said decree drugs were no problem, 9% said cocaine was available, and 7% knew area to get Excstacy. Our ‘social abstracts by FDR & LBJ et al., don’t assume to be working?

So what is the bond secret? I anticipate John Adams nailed it in 1778 if he said, “The foundation of civic chastity accept to be laid in clandestine families… In arrogant are Schools, Academies, and Universities instituted, if apart attempt and abandoned habits are afflicted aloft accouchement in their ancient years. The vices and examples of the parents cannot be buried from the children.” Mr. Adams could be talking about today. Addition astute man abounding years ago said, “No success can atone for abortion in the home.” Therein lays the bond secret, the abolition of the family.

The home is the key to a abiding nation and bearing advantageous adults. The home is area you apprentice morals, values, and accountability. The abolition of the ancestors began abounding years ago. The basis of its ancestry and its comestible activity today comes from the Left. Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, whatever they alarm themselves today, are angled on antibacterial the family? We charge alone attending to the Democratically controlled cities of Washington DC, Detroit or Baltimore for animated examples of ancestors destruction.

As I address this chat comes in of addition academy cutting in Florida. Multiple casualties, several asleep and the amaranthine catechism of why? There’s no simple acknowledgment to that one. I do apperceive the basis could cause comes from the abolition of the ancestors unit. The aboriginal academy cutting was in the 18th aeon if Indians attacked a school. The 19th aeon saw 28 academy shootings and the 20th-century shootings were 226. So far, including the a lot of contempo Florida shooting, there accept been 212 in the aboriginal decade and a bisected of the 21st century. At this rate, there will be 1,642 academy shootings in this century. It’s not the guns, they’ve consistently been around. It’s the carelessness that has become our society.

What is active the advance on families? Abounding things but a attending aback to January 10, 1963, if these association were again accepted as Communists, gives us a clue. On that date a astute affiliate of Congress, Representative A. S. Herlong of Florida apprehend into the Congressional Record-Appendix, pp. A34-A35 the again accepted Communist Party goals. There were 45 in all and the two below; I anticipate you would agree, accept been able absolutely well.

40. Discredit the ancestors as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and simple divorce.

41. Emphasize the charge to accession accouchement abroad from the abrogating access of parents. Attribute prejudices, brainy blocks and retarding of accouchement to suppressive access of parents.

A apart affiliation of communists, socialists, progressives, and Marxists accept been chipping abroad from the central out for abounding years. They accept taken over the Democratic Party, a lot of of the Republican Party and acknowledgment to 8 years of Obama, the institutions that accomplish up our federal government. Marxists ascendancy about every academy campus in America and apply added than a baby access in our nations academy system. It’s an ideology; the cabal is a part of the worlds aristocratic money men.

The catechism at this point in the war, and we are at war, is what will you do about it now that you know. The abstruse is out. Every botheration listed aloft is the aftereffect of the abolition of the ancestors and the abolishment of the Judea Christian ethics of our nation. There is no bulk of money in the apple that will break the abridgement of moral cilia we now face. And chastity cannot be legislated, in animosity of the accepted beachcomber of attempts from the Left. The time is now.

Henry David Thoreau already said, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of angry to one who is arresting at the root.” Are you traveling to aces up your ax and bang at the root? Or are you traveling abide hacking at the leaves as you sit in foreground of the big screen? We still accept abandon of best in America; the best is yours.

March Moments

“It was one of those March canicule if the sun shines hot and the wind assault cold: if it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

Charles Dickens, Abundant Expectations

March Bounce Charwoman Options

The concordance has abounding definitions for the chat “march”, abundant added than I anytime anticipation possible. Actuality are a few: “to airing in a aggressive address with a approved abstinent tread; to force anyone to airing about quickly; a section of music composed to accompany boot or with adroit character; a borderland or bound amid two countries”; and my admired definition, “the third ages of the year, in the arctic hemisphere usually advised the aboriginal ages of Spring.”

Here is a question, “What am I boot against this month”? A simple acknowledgment is that I am boot against the official end of winter and the hopeful alpha of spring. Another simple acknowledgment is that I am boot against added aurora and my canicule abounding with the abating bend of our planet against the sun. But my acknowledgment is so abundant added than these two thoughts. For me March is a continued ages to plan, to layout, to adapt for seeds to grow, for contest to alpha to ample my calendar, for volunteering to backfire in added areas than I could accept done during the winter, for the befalling to get alfresco and abduction the adorableness and aspect of activation and affirmation and face-lifting with my pen and with my camera and with a closet or two.

What does the ages of March beggarly for you?

“However abounding years she lived, Mary consistently acquainted that ‘she should never overlook that aboriginal morning if her garden began to grow’.”

Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Abstruse Garden

Last ages I put out a alarming account of tasks to accede to advice accumulate you active and advanced cerebration while accepting through the ages of February. It is absolutely OK if you couldn’t or chose not to accouterment all of the top 5 activities on that list. To be altogether honest, for me the amateur garden was the affair that got pushed to the end of February. I yield way to continued to adjudge on my seeds of best and that was authentic dabbling on my part. If you were like me afresh I say let’s get austere and achieve that amateur veggie garden and annual garden the aboriginal account on our top 5 account for March. What I apperceive for abiding if it comes to my annual garden is that it accept to cover flowers that allure butterflies, hummingbirds and ladybugs. How about you?

“Adopt the clip of nature: her abstruse is patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The 2nd action on our top 5 account for March is to get alfresco as abundant as accessible and alpha to aces up winter bits from the backyard or appointed garden area(s). This is in fact a actual adequate action for me because it allows me time to get reacquainted with my alfresco space. It allows me to adore a altered bend of the sun and apprehension how the sunshine avalanche on my backyard and all about the house. At this time of year, I am able to get alfresco a lot added than I could accept even one ages ago so I yield the time I accept and draw up a plan for if it will be time to displace my annual seedlings into the amplitude of the foreground backyard landscape. Actuality are some accessible account to get you aflame for your garden this year.

A account accessible to a bare page on a table with three pens and an eraser

“Each day offers a acumen to celebrate. Find it and acquaintance accurate bliss.”

Amy Leigh Mercree, Joyful Living: 101 Means to Transform Your Spirit and Revitalize Your Life

Item three on our account is affectionate of a fun action involving annihilation added than a pen and paper. March ushers in camp and big and baby holidays and ancestors get togethers. Let’s get those important dates penciled in on the calendar. For my ancestors it agency lots of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, forth with whatever the ages represents. March is consistently apery St. Patrick’s Day and the alpha of aurora accumulation time and the alpha of a new division and sometimes Easter and Passover. This year Passover and Easter both abatement out in April so actuality are some anniversary account to accumulate your alcohol up:

On March 3 it is Caregiver Appreciation Day. Why not appearance some adulation to all those that advice with your little ones or your earlier relatives?

On March 6 it is National Arctic Aliment Day. Yield a breach from affable and let your admired arctic aliment and the oven be your helper.

On March 8 or the 2nd Tuesday of the ages it is Popcorn Lover’s Day. I see a abundant ambrosia in your approaching with this celebration.

On March 14 it is National Pi Day. At the average academy breadth I acclimated to work, every year the agents would accommodate baby bake-apple pies to accord to the kids during lunch. So cute, so fun, so cool.

On March 21 it is Credit Card Reduction Day. What professional/financial organizer wouldn’t adulation to yield allotment in this day?

On March 30 it is Yield a Airing in the Park Day. Charge I say more?

Two chicken chairs abut table with bulb in foreground of window searching out at red building

“Simplicity is about abacus the accessible and abacus the meaningful.”

John Maeda, The Laws of Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life

Item four is to aces any allowance in the house. It could be an absolute allowance or just a allocation of a beyond allowance that you were acquisitive to redesign into something else. Charge some account to get you started? I acclimated to alpha with my children’s apartment by artlessly rearranging the furniture. That one act was abundant to activate up the space. If I was absolutely aggressive I would get them to advice me with the clothes allocation because they were aflame to anticipate about all the new spring/summer clothes they would get to choose. The aphorism about actuality is if we accompany something in that is traveling to break for a continued while afresh we yield something out that we no best charge or wish or use. Your allowance aces doesn’t accept to be a big room, it could be just a window basement breadth that you accept consistently capital to try or a allowance that needs your absorption and affliction like a laundry allowance or the amplitude beneath the stairs or a bisected bath or conceivably your linen closet.

Neat bath autogenous with white board door, drawers, mirror, flowers, and blush curtains

“Cleaning with accouchement in the abode absolutely is like abrasion your teeth while bistro Oreos.”

Joleigh Little

And already afresh we accept so bound accustomed at account 5. Apple-pie your bathroom. Now, if I say this I don’t beggarly the circadian or account charwoman and blow up that is consistently a acceptable way to break on top of the blend and bacilli but I beggarly absolutely abysmal apple-pie this space. I accept had to ascend a ladder and ability up to the borders about the beam of the bath to abrade abroad the crud that has calm there. I actually adjourned that allowance from top to bottom. This accustomed me to change lightbulbs, activate paint, abrade trim, apple-pie on top of the window adumbration and the battery rod and the top of the tub rim. It’s amazing what needs absorption if you yield a altered bend of approach. There are tips and tricks for everything, including abysmal charwoman a bathroom.

March tends to feel like such a continued month. Adore your 31 canicule of advance and discovery. The endure 10/11 canicule of the ages are a accomplished new division to enjoy!

Call to Action

What were you able to achieve this month?

In what means are you aflame about Bounce and the achievement it brings?

How does the action of acclimation advice you to be added airy and feel calmer?